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Android music player
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Android™ music player designed by DJs and designers. Stunning realistic design makes Dub Music Player best looking player on Android™.


Simple and effective interface inspired with professional equipment, faithfully showing how your music move.


If it’s music related, Dub can handle it. With built-in equalizer, you can adjust the sound to your liking, create playlists, browse and play music by songs, artists,  albums, playlists, folders and genres.


Feel right at home browsing your music library with Dub Music Player, making playlists and listening to your favorite songs.

Dub Music Player

Enjoy your music in a new way. 
Perfectly balanced Dub Music Player, will meet your need for a clean and high quality sound, with built-in 5 band equalizer, that has a predefined presets, which directly change the sound quality. 



- Simple and effective interface, faithfully      showing visualization of your music played
- Browse and play music by songs, artists,  albums, playlists, folders and genres 
- 5 bands Equalizer 
- 9 predefined presets, with the ability to save  custom presets 
- Bass boost and Virtualizer audio effect
- Media volume control
- Home screen widget 
- Lock screen widget 
- Supports headset / Bluetooth controls.

The best-looking player for your Android™ device

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