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Why won’t my music show up?

This is a common problem, with an easy solution. Dub Music Player uses the Android Media Scanner to find your music. If you have any files starting with a “.” in the directories of your music, e.g. /sdcard/music/.nomedia, this tells the media scanner to skip this folder. You need to delete such files to allow the music to be found.


Help! My ChromeCast doesn’t seem to be working?

Please double check that the filetype you’re trying to send to the ChromeCast is supported. ChromeCast Supported Media Formats


Does Dub Music Player support Opus/FLAC/WMA/ALAC/etc.?

Dub Music Player uses the native media player that comes with your phone, so as long as a filetype is supported by your phone, it is supported by Dub Music Player. Supported Media Formats


Why does Dub Music Player seem to use lots of RAM?

Dub Music Player is a very image-heavy app. The images are kept in a ‘memory cache’ so they can be efficiently displayed on your screen, without too much delay. This cache can fill up quickly causing the app to use upwards of 200mb of RAM. This is not a cause for concern, RAM is there to be used!! Anyway, if your device decides it needs more RAM for any reason, Dub Music Player will drop the images from the cache and free up your memory immediately.


I’m seeing double. Why is my music showing up twice?

Sometimes the media library on your Android becomes corrupt. To fix this, go to settings->apps->all->media store and click clear data/cache, then reboot your device. After a few minutes, your media library will rebuild. Please note that this will remove your playlists and reset any custom ringtones that you had previously set.


What’s the difference between the paid and free versions?

The paid version includes many more themes, a folder browser, ChromeCast support and the ability to edit tags. Buying the paid version also helps to support further development.


What’s the refund policy?

You may get a refund through the Play Store by uninstalling the app in the 15 minute refund window. If you’ve had it for longer than that and you’re still not happy, send me an e-mail along with your order number and I’ll happily refund you.


How do I remove an item from a playlist?

To remove an item, simply swipe it left-right or right-left. This can be a little.. temperamental, and a new method for removing items is in the works for the upcoming update.


The app keeps crashing! Are you going to fix it?

There are thousands of different combinations of devices, ROMs, Android versions, carriers and 3rd party apps which can all contribute to strange and unexpected things happening on your device. Dub Music Player uses Crashlytics to track app crashes, and I’m working as hard as I can to keep these to a minimum. There’s a good chance that by the time you experience a crash, it has already been fixed for an upcoming version of Dub Music Player.


Why can’t I see the songs I downloaded with Google Play music?

Google have not made the Play Music API publicly accessible, meaning apps like Dub Music Player can’t access music downloaded via Google Play. This is probably a legal issue between Google and the record companies, so it’s not likely to change. Some 3rd party apps have managed to hack a solution together, but it’s a lot of effort, Google could break it any time, or worse, they could remove Dub Music Player from the Play Store.

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